HOA Newsletters by Ciembronowicz Enterprises


Article Ideas:

The following common segments that we believe provide valuable content and can serve as ideas for your HOA newsletter.  We realize that some may not apply to your specific community.

Management Company Information:

  • Community Manager Contact Information

  • Management Company Contact Information

  • Reminder of Management Company / Bookkeeper Payment Location

  • Assessment Changes

Board Of Directors Information:

  • Listing of Current Board of Directors

  • By-Law Changes / Voting

  • Proxy Forms – Either for by-law changes or annual meeting

  • Annual Meeting / Annual Budget

  • Reminder of how to contact the HOA for official business 

Committee Information:

  • Summer Project Submission - Feb/March reminder for homeowners to submit ARC/DRC Review requests

  • Open Space – Upcoming open space projects and/or overarching philosophy for your open space

Regular Segments:

  • Letter From A Board Member – Some have a regular letter from the President Of The Board, some communities rotate the letter from each board member, and some do not have one. 

  • By The Numbers – A segment that takes various numbers within the community documents as a way to educate members of the community. 

  • Save The Dates – A regular reminder for board meetings, special events, parent play dates, etc…

  • Meet The Neighbors – A picture and short biography of someone in the neighborhood each month. 

  • Ask A Question…  Get An Answer… - We work hand in hand with the Board of Directors, Committee Members, Management Company, and Legal Counsel to answer questions submitted by homeowners. 

  • Important Numbers

  • Birth Announcements

  • Marriage Announcements

  • Anniversary Announcements

Covenant Corner:

  • Recycling – What your trash company takes and what they do not. 

  • Trash – Trash days and covenants about removing trash from view of the street.    

  • Snow Removal

  • Noise Ordinances

  • Sprinkler / Irrigation Times

  • Deck / Patio Rules

  • Picking Up After Pets

  • Leash Laws

  • Number and type of pets – We have seen this become more of an issue with animal hording and chicken/goats where not allowed in communities.

  • Noise Compliance

  • Clutter/Hoarding

  • Car Issues – Street Maintenance, Blocking Driveways, Abandoned/Expired Tags

  • Seasonal Decorations

  • Alarm System Signs

  • Business Signs

  • Political Signage

  • Flag Rules

  • Bird Feeders

  • Pool Rules & Hours



Safety Segments:

  • Tornado Safety

  • Blizzard Safety

  • Law Enforcement Reports for Your Community – Break Ins, Issues with Theft, etc…

  • General Outdoor Children Safety

  • Reverse 911

  • Pool Safety

  • Mold Prevention

  • Wild Fire

Holiday Segments:

  • Trick-Or-Treat Safety

  • Christmas Safety

  • Fireworks Rules

  • Flag Rules

Interest Forms:

  • Board Of Directors Interest Forms

  • Committee Interest

  • Design Review / Architectural Review Form

HOA 101:

  • Meeting Definitions - Difference between annual and regular board meeting

  • Board Vacancies - When Vacancies occur on the Board of Directors

  • Quorum Questions - Lack of quorum, what constitutes quorum, how many homes constitute quorum, effects of lack of quorum on budget ratification

  • Help Wanted – What committees do you have, what do the committees do, time commitments, how many volunteers are needed

  • How to Register at the community / management company website

  • How to send in document violations

  • Web or Facebook Pages

Special Segments:

  • On-Line Survey Results

  • Becoming a Self Managed Community

  • Report from the Annual Meeting

  • Stolen Irrigation Backflow Preventers

  • Corrections To Previous Newsletters

  • Warm Weather Watering

  • Where is my pet – From coyote activity to multiple animal control centers each community is different

  • Mosquito Control – Abatement programs and bat box rules

  • Noxious Weeds (Biological Pollution)

  • Internet Purchase Taxes

  • Master Keys in a New Community

  • Household Safety Issues or Recalls.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit – Supporting homeowners in your community that have businesses

  • Wasp / Leaf Cutter Bees – A common problem in many communities


  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors required by Landlords

  • Submittal of Violations – Some communities allow renters to report community document violations, some do not.

  • Serving On A Committee – Some communities allow renters to volunteer on certain committees, some do not.