HOA Newsletters by Ciembronowicz Enterprises


About Us:

After belonging to multiple HOA’s, we grew disillusioned with the service received from subcontracted newsletter work.   When newsletters were produced at all, they were often late with little useful information provided by someone who had never been involved with the daily running of an HOA.  Premium rates were charged; however, basic black/white or no service was received.  So we decided to take on this service for our community which launched into a business.

Our Philosophy:

  • We only take on five clients per developer as to provide the best service possible.  Please understand that if we have met our client quota, we will not take on new clients, but will be willing to put you on a waiting list should one of our clients no longer require our services.  

  • We only provide a quality full-color product. Basic black/white newsletters can more easily be provided by a volunteer group with a general word processing product. 

  • We provide clients a direct email and cell phone number so that you can have immediate contact with issues, additions, or changes instead of going through an already overworked Management Company contact.

  • We can provide an electronic PDF format for direct email to homeowners, a copy for printing by your management company, or we can print and mail for you.  It is often less expensive to have your management company’s processing center print and mail for you.

What we request from you:

  • A copy of your governing documents (either electronically or paper), so that we may do our best to quote directly from your documents if needed.

  • We ask for a copy of the Board of Directors Interest / Application, Committee Interest / Application, and DRC/ARC Submittal forms (where applicable) because they differ significantly from community to community.  We are happy to give examples for you to peruse if desired. 

  • Articles need to be submitted to us one month prior to the mailing deadline.  This leaves one week for any additional development, two weeks for the review process, and one week for printing and mailing.

  • One or more points of contact provided to have draft products reviewed and approved.

  • If we are requested to be the print and mail company, we require an up-to-date mailing list. 

What we recommend:

  • Some segments repeat month after month; however, we do not recommend putting the same segments in the same place in the newsletter.  It allows readers to look for the regular segments they like, but encourages them to peruse the newsletter for other valuable content.

  • Newsletters be mailed in hardcopy format as online newsletter delivery is too easily skimmed and deleted. 

  • Renters be included in newsletter distribution.

  • Newsletters arrive a week or two before the month(s) to which it pertains (similar to a magazine subscription).

  • Board of Directors Interest Forms, Committee Interest Forms, and DRC/ARC Submittal Forms be placed in a newsletter at least once a year.